Your guide to understanding the real depths of YOU

& how YOU can manifest YOUR


YES the World has rdically changed.

We are still going through an evolution.

Are you ready to increase your

awareness & elevate your life.


As we have gone through the Eye of the Pandemic…or Storm

Will you …

Want to revert back to your “old life” the “old way of doing things?”


Is NOW the time to focus on every area of your life differently?


♥ Overcoming lifes limitations and fears so you discover your personal power and have great confidence to reach your dreams.

Strengthening your existing relationship or attracting your most compatible soul mate and forming an amazing deep relationship connection.

Forming friendships with those that are on the same wavelength as you and encourage your growth and want you to succeed.

♥ Living your true potential and advancing in your career or even taking the courage to follow your heart towards a different career path or starting your own business.

♥ Increasing your financial abundance with ease and grace.

Healing emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually, taking your personal wellbeing to new highs.

I invite you to open up your mind, body, soul and spirit to a World of Infinite Possibilities

To Live your Dream life where Anything is Possible

If you…

  • Want to get super-clear on manifesting YOUR Dream Life, by tapping into the incredible, amazing source energy that’s your birthright to have.

  • Want to learn the practical and scientific knowledge of how you can harness the power of your mind to manifest your soul desires…So you feel totally alive almost like electric as you start to achieve your wildest dreams on your terms.

  • Want to gain a deeper understanding of life’s truths and learn about life’s magic and your infinite power. I can honestly tell you, your life will never be the same again.

  • Want to excel and start taking full control of your life and all the successes that attract towards you with ease.

  • Want to learn about how you can use the Universal Principals to your advantage to accomplish your goals effectively and with ease. This can be in any area of life you desire, including forming or strengthening a deeper more meaningful, passionate and loving relationship with your soul mate, to advancing in your career or starting a great business, to attracting financial abundance to achieving personal wellbeing.

  • Overall, want to become a serial manifestor with ease (like me!!!) and live your Dream Life on your terms…The Possibilities are truly Infinite: Lets stretch your imagination to form new life realities.

“I can’t recommend Sharan highly enough! Personable, approachable and genuinely helpful. Hearing her own, multiple, inspirational experiences just triggers those ‘feel good’ factors in us all. An empathetic yet passionate speaker that holds you accountable for your own progress or failing. It’s totally down to you, no excuses! If you are ready to push yourself but above all are willing to invest & commit to yourself then this is a course for you!”

Manie Obbi-Nega, West Midlands UK

“I joined this course when I felt I was sinking more & more in my life, especially in lockdown & even before. I was struggling emotionally & mentally almost got on the wrong track. When I joined I was at first sceptical, having thoughts I had just wasted a lot of money on something that is not tangible but going through the weekly sessions I found out how much I needed the Mastermind & how much I was learning. I looked forward to every lesson as it was nice to connect with the others too & Sharan has the incredible power to lift you up, encourage you & you always feel supported & motivated to be the best version of yourself.”

Hana Rubesova, Manchester, UK

Come and join me in the Infinite Possibilities Mastermind Group:

The Art of Changing Your Life

Having had extensive training through TUT The Universe Talks, I am an Infinite Possibilities Trainer and Coach. Personally trained by Mike Dooley, the Co-Founder of TUT (some of you may have heard) who appeared in The Secret, a book you may have heard of and read.


This is an 8 week program where you will learn the power of your mind, including diving into your thoughts, beliefs, emotions which influence your actions. We will analyse instincts, dreams and desires and focusing on the Infinite Power of the Universe and the Meaning of Life.


You will be taught amazing content and be given practical exercises and techniques to complete during each sesson, stretching your mind beyond all possibilities.  There will also be work to complete between sessions to really help you to focus and implement everything into your everyday life.

Your OVERALL GOAL will be just that:

To Live your Dream Life where Anything is Possible:

Becoming a True Manifestor of all that you DESIRE.

TRUE VALUE of this course is PRICELESS!

Join Today for just


Early Bird offer sign up by 5pm (GMT) on 22nd November 2021

and get a FREE Deep Dive Strategic Coaching Session with Me (worth £500)

Click below to secure your place:

ADDED BONUS: Lifetime access to the Manifesting My Way Workshop

(worth £199) for FREE upon signing up by 22nd November 2021 


The Mastermind Programme will have 2 core training sessions on

Saturday 27th Nov 2021 & Saturday 18th Dec 2021


9am til 12pm GMT

as well as additional support sessions

  • The session will be through Zoom and recorded and downloaded to the private Facebook Group.
  • You will be given an electronic copy of an Amazing Workbook with all the content and Manifesting Mindest excercises. This will be shared with you a few days before we get started and will be yours to keep. 
  • There will be scheduled LIVE Q&A Sessions in the private Facebook Group for additional support & coaching to apply theInfinitie Possibilities teachings into your life.

  • You will have access to a private Facebook Group and all the replays will be accessable for a limited time.

  • You can share your work in the Facebook Group in between sessions, ask questions & gain encouragement & motivation to start applying these principals into your everyday life.

  • I will personally be active in the group, posting between sessions, providing you with additional support, guidance & share expertise.

  • You will form friendships of trust & accountability as you all travel this journey together. Live time friendships are very likely to be formed & remember you are an AVERAGE of the TOP 5 PEOPLE  YOU ASSOCIATE WITH THE MOST!
At the end of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion provided you have listen to each session either live or the replay and have completed the worksheets in full.
Please note, this indicates  you have completed this course for personal use only.

Your Investment


You will start to see BIG returns on your investment as soon as you start applying the teachings from the first session. Don’t let the price fool you, as this really is life changing and the

TRUE VALUE of this course is PRICELESS!

Join Today for just


Early Bird offer sign up by 5pm (GMT) on 22nd November 2021

and get a FREE Deep Dive Strategic Coaching Session with Me (worth £500)

ADDED BONUS: Lifetime access to the Manifesting My Way Workshop

(worth £199) for FREE upon signing up by 22nd November 2021 


About the Trainer

Sharan Sammi has worked in the Corporate Banking World in the UK for 20 years. She opened up to the Holistic World over 15 years ago and along side the Corporate World, she trained as a Reiki Healer Master Teacher.  As a Natural Psychic Medium, this lead her down the pathways to train as an Advanced Certified ThetaHealer ® Practitioner then becoming a Licensed NLP Master Practitioner training with Dr.Richard Bandler, the co-creator and founder of NLP. Sharan continued to follow her passion to serve and became a certified coach and an Infinite Possibilities Coach. She recently co-wrote a book called Wild Wise Women and became an Amazon Number #1 Bestseller which is a great achievement.

As part of her life purpose, Sharan works with women around the globe, helping to influence major breakthroughs against life’s challenges. Sharan appreciates that each woman is unique, but in most cases, deep-rooted fears, doubts, concerns, and lack of confidence stop individuals from excelling in life.


Sharan coaches women to reach their true potential in all areas of life by teaching empowerment strategies to gain confidence, self-esteem, and control over their own lives. Examples range from gaining prestigious employment positions, dramatically increasing earning, taking the courage to resign from the “job” and become self-employed, to meeting soul mates and forming amazing relationships.

With the belief that “Anything is Possible” Sharan really does empower her clients to embrace the life of their ultimate dreams.  So, no excuses will stand in the way! Her mission is to inspire her soul clients to harness the power of self-belief.

From qualifying as a hairdresser at 18 and achieving two University degrees, Sharan joined the Corporate Banking World. Her manifesting journey evolved to winning a brand-new prestigious car, holidays, concert tickets and money, to landing a role on a popular UK TV soap without any prior acting experience.  Sharan truly lives by the principal “Life is what you make it!” She is now married to her soul mate and has two adorable earth angels and strives to continue to inspire and motivate women from around the Globe.



So are you going to continue to live life on default OR

take the driving seat and control your future path to greatness?

Every life is special, every life is meaningful and in the

Infinite Possibilities Mastermind Group,

you will learn that dreams really do come true.

“I was called to join the course & probably wasn’t in the right mindset at the time. I watched the replays & did workbook, all was really empowering. A lot shifted in terms of how I look at things in my life. It was great to be part of the Mastermind Community & to hear the other ladies’ journeys etc, very inspiring & motivating. I would defo recommend the Mastermind, Sharan is a ball of energy & a product of the product. Thank you for always believing in me 💛”

Jackie Mallon, Lurgan, Ireland

“I would definitely recommend this Mastermind to YOU. I personally have many time constraints with my job & my kids but this is definitely a course for anyone to take up. It helps you build confidence in yourself & march forward with positivity & hope. Sharan has amazing intuitive abilities & my ways of self development have always followed Sharan. I totally recommend this, it’s LIFE CHANGING & what you learn will take you forward throughout your whole life! Invest in yourself & your future growth!”

Milani Salpitikorala, Colombo, Sri Lanka