Join me on this Incredible Journey into Living your Dream Life.

This 4-Day FREE Masterclass Series starts on Monday 14th October 2019
at 9 pm BST (4 pm EST/EDT) everyday till Thursday 17th October.

Day 1: Clarity Confidence Control

Are you ready to Live the Life of your Dreams right now?
What is your ultimate passion in life?
What’s the big dream, the goal, and desire?
I will shine the light in all these major areas, so you gain CLARITY and the CONFIDENCE to take back CONTROL!

Day 2: Vibrational Mastery

Opening you up to the World of Manifesting – My Way! 

We go deep as we tune into the Universal Energies

Let’s be clear here- Anything is Possible. So let’s go into VIBRATIONAL MASTERY.

Day 3: The Art of Detachment

Let go of fears and use this energy to increase your self-esteem, self-love, and TURN THE HIGH VIBES UP!

The Art of Detachment is always the best way, and we will go deep into this.

Day 4: LET’S DO THIS!!!

Ready to take FULL control of your steering wheel and live your Dream Life where Anything is Possible?


Join me on this incredible journey into Living your Dream Life.

This 4-Day FREE Masterclass Series starts on Monday 14th October 2019 at 9 pm BST (4 pm EST/EDT).

In this training, you will genuinely learn that Anything is Possible!

I will take you on this incredible journey and light the way to ensure you at now ready to take your life to the next level…


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Hi there,

I’m Sharan, and I will be your amazing host throughout this incredible journey together.
I feel blessed and so grateful to have you join me, so thank you.

I am married and a Mother to two beautiful Earthangels. Throughout my life, I have always used the mantra:

Nothing is Impossible, Anything is Possible, and you can do anything if you put your mind, body, soul, spirit, and heart into everything you do… So YES you really can live your dream life.

As a Psychic Medium, Reiki Healer Master & Teacher, Theta Healing Practitioner, Licensed NLP Master Practitioner and an Empowerment Coach serving women from all around the Globe…..I love my life, and life truly loves me!

Don’t get me wrong. I am human so go through the ups and downs we face in life on an emotional level. But I am aware there is an extreme deeper level to us – our higher self! So I love taking advantage of the universal laws to achieve everything my heart desires, from marrying my soul mate to winning a brand new car to starring as an actress in a Top UK TV Soap… So YES life is what you make it and YES ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE – FOR YOU TOO!

I am so excited to deliver this FREE training to you…


Reserve your FREE SEAT NOW…

What others have to say about working with Sharan…

“I feel so blessed that Sharan’s and my path crossed. Since working with her, my life has changed so much in a positive way. Awesome tools, great techniques, and practical exercises. Sharan is authentic and such a light, which makes working with her very comfortable. Whilst working with Sharan, I learnt how to put my dreams into goals and how to achieve those goals… Anything is Possible!!!
I always had problems with timing and to do all what I desire to do. With Sharan’s techniques, I feel now so blessed about my time management and how much I can actually achieve. I learnt so much about self-worth, self-confidence, and self-love. The 1:1 sessions with Sharan were also awesome and brought me so much further. The value of working with her is priceless! Thank you, Sharan!”

Melanie Matern-Riihela


“One of the best Theta Healers and people I’ve come across. Sharan is someone who is so comfortable and amiable in her approach. Her sense of intuition is quite on point. It feels safe to talk and share with her, and her ability to pick up on things on the unconscious level is so uncanny. I enjoyed every moment of my experience with her, especially when she would download all the divine messages into my subconscious. Truly magical!”

Natasha K. Mumbai


“100% totally recommend Sharan. I have been part of Sharan’s Mastermind Group since Feb 2019. She is one of the most inspiring and motivating people I know, and her energy is awesome. Her work ethic and support system are outstanding to which she devotes time daily. For me personally, working with Sharan has been and still is an amazing journey. Sharan really believes in you, is so supportive and wants the best for you. I want to thank her personally as I have changed so much since I started working with her and in her own words, “Anything is Possible” because it really is!”

Jackie Mallon

Northern Ireland