Achieving the Impossible Transformational Workshop

(Plus Access to 10 BONUS Mindset Exercises)

When you think about 2021 what comes to mind?

It really has been revolutionary to say the very least.

What was the norm has completed changed our lives in a full circle.

A common theme echoed “I don’t have time!” and hasn’t 2021 given us more time?

Yes, the Worldwide pandemic and all the restrictions that came with it also brought us all: A new way of living, a new way of thinking, a new lifestyle & just a completely 



For me, after 20 years of service I left the Corporate Banking World and start my own coaching and healing business.


So 2021 really has been a REVOLUTIONARY TIME


So what will 2022 bring YOU?


Achieving the Impossible Workshop

Within the workshop, we will be:

☆ Blessing, thanking and appreciating the major life lessons in 2021

☆ Welcoming 2022 

☆ Activating your intuition & higher self to discover your true life purpose

☆ Identifying your hopes, wishes and desires – your soul calling!

☆ Putting these into workable goals for 2022

☆ Gaining strategic focus and the steps to take inspired action.

☆ Creating manageable timelines and gaining accountability.

This 2 hour workshop will include a range of practical tools, techniques, practical exercises and guided meditations. 




☆ Powerful mindset exercises to take you to the NEXT LEVEL.

☆ My full support, help and additional information in the group


(Plus Access to 10 BONUS Mindset Exercises)

Now in 2022 become the very best version of yourself,

feeling determined & committed to achieving

what you truly desire on your terms. 

Nothing is impossible,


If you put your mind, body, soul, spirit and heart into it.

You really can achieve GREATNESS.

100% totally recommend Sharan. She is one of the most inspiring and motivating people I know, and her energy is awesome.

Her work ethic and support system are outstanding to which she devotes time daily. For me personally, working with Sharan has been and still is an amazing journey. Sharan really believes in you, is so supportive and wants the best for you.

I want to thank her personally as I have changed so much since I started working with her and in her own words, “Anything is Possible” because it really is!

Jackie Mallon

Northern Ireland

I feel so blessed that Sharan’s and my path crossed. Since working with her, my life has changed so much in a positive way. Awesome tools, great techniques, and practical exercises. Sharan is authentic and such a light, which makes working with her very comfortable. Whilst working with Sharan, I learnt how to put my dreams into goals and how to achieve those goals… Anything is Possible!!!

I always had problems with timing and to do all what I desire to do. With Sharan’s techniques, I feel now so blessed about my time management and how much I can actually achieve. I learnt so much about self-worth, self-confidence, and self-love. The 1:1 sessions with Sharan were also awesome and brought me so much further. The value of working with her is priceless! Thank you, Sharan!

Melanie Matern-Riihela


About the Trainer

Sharan Sammi has worked in the Corporate Banking World in the UK for 20 years. She opened up to the Holistic World over 15 years ago and along side the Corporate World, she trained as a Reiki Healer Master Teacher.  As a Natural Psychic Medium, this lead her down the pathways to train as an Advanced Certified ThetaHealer ® Practitioner then becoming a Licensed NLP Master Practitioner training with Dr.Richard Bandler, the co-creator and founder of NLP. Sharan continued to follow her passion to serve and became a certified coach and an Infinite Possibilities Coach. She recently co-wrote a book called Wild Wise Women and became an Amazon Number #1 Bestseller which is a great achievement.

As part of her life purpose, Sharan works with women around the globe, helping to influence major breakthroughs against life’s challenges. Sharan appreciates that each woman is unique, but in most cases, deep-rooted fears, doubts, concerns, and lack of confidence stop individuals from excelling in life.

 Sharan coaches women to reach their true potential in all areas of life by teaching empowerment strategies to gain confidence, self-esteem, and control over their own lives. Examples range from gaining prestigious employment positions, dramatically increasing earning, taking the courage to resign from the “job” and become self-employed, to meeting soul mates and forming amazing relationships.

With the belief that “Anything is Possible” Sharan really does empower her clients to embrace the life of their ultimate dreams.  So, no excuses will stand in the way! Her mission is to inspire her soul clients to harness the power of self-belief.

From qualifying as a hairdresser at 18 and achieving two University degrees, Sharan joined the Corporate Banking World. Her manifesting journey evolved to winning a brand-new prestigious car, holidays, concert tickets and money, to landing a role on a popular UK TV soap without any prior acting experience.  Sharan truly lives by the principal “Life is what you make it!” She is now married to her soul mate and has two adorable earth angels and strives to continue to inspire and motivate women from around the Globe.


ALL FOR £66 

(Plus Access to 10 BONUS Mindset Exercises)

Now in 2022 become the very best version of yourself,

feeling determined & committed to achieving

what you truly desire on your terms. 

Taking action towards your Dream Life where

Anything is Possible